4 Tips to Hiring and Retaining Great Employees

4 Tips to Hiring and Retaining Great Employees
Every great company is built on great employees. They can make or break your company. Finding them may be easy but retaining them could be difficult. The cost of finding and training employees is high but if you are able to do a great job at giving them a good career, you can make them stay for longer. You should view staffing as an investment, which will help you get financial return over time.

Here are some tips to hire great employees:

Tip #1 Hire Competence

The first factor you should consider, this means that the employee should first possess the necessary education, skills, and experiences to complete the required work.

Tip#2 Hire a Team Player

Your employee should be able to take on responsibility that goes beyond the job description. Check out his or her resume if teamwork is spelled out correctly. Have they worked in teams before? Ask them how they made it happen and what challenges they faced when working with teams. You should hire a Team Player.

Tip#3 Hire Character

Different people handle situations differently. In your interview, make sure you ask them situational questions and see how they will handle them. Also, ask them about specific situations and how they managed them in the past.

Tip#4 Hire Commitment

As has been mentioned, human resources can be expensive if you don’t take care of your employees. Make sure you know what makes them want to keep performing and see if you can match that with your company culture. Compensation should also be taken into consideration, as some may leave because of low salaries or benefits.

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