5 Common Mistakes Job-Seekers Commit

There are many ways to increase our potential to get a job – and just as many ways to wreck them. We’ve rounded up five mistakes job-seekers do that keep them from landing their dream jobs. Are you doing any of these too?

  • Applying without strategizing. Most jobless people like to jump at every potential job opening to maximize their chances of getting hired. Applying without a plan usually backfires. This can only realign your focus from those jobs you really have a chance with. You’re straying away from your best shot when you keep on considering anything and everything. Instead of sending your application to any job opening you can find, try to chill and give it some thought. Ask yourself, “What kind of job do I really want and/or need?”
  • Snubbing their online appearance. In an era where everything is almost digitalized, now is more important than ever to build a strong, professional online presence. Many hiring managers rely on online portals to do some background checks about their potential candidates. Other employers would even give emphasis to your LinkedIn connection number. Plug in online, display your brand and update your professional information when needed. This increases your hiring potential and makes streamlining easier for most techy clients.
  • Putting unnecessary items on their resume. Go easy on your resume – You don’t want to include unimportant items on your professional profile that can only compel employers. Instead of making a laundry-list resume, try showcasing previous jobs that are similar to the position you are applying for. Talk about the skills you’ve gained, problems you’ve solved, and any commendations you’ve earned while on the job. Skip describing your roles and highlight more on actions. Your potential employer will appreciate the heads-up and will more likely consider you for the job position.
  • Not doing some background research on the company. Before sending your application, make sure you’ve done enough research about the company you’re applying for. It’s a no-brainer, but most job-hunters skip this important part.Know the company’s ins and outs, like its core mission and recent news. Treat this as your homework whenever you feel applying for a job position. This will help you decide about pushing through the job and make smart tweaks on your profile that coincides better with the company’s turf.
  • Not knowing their worth. After doing those four tips above, the last – and most important – thing you’d want to consider is your professional value. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. If you have a whooping professional profile, you deserve better job opportunities and competitive pay. Take time to know your worth and don’t deviate from that. The goal is to climb uphill, after all.

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