Must-Have Administrative Assistant Skills


The skills you need to be effective in an administrative position depend on the industry. A provider of staffing services in Irving Texas lists down the skills one should have for this role:

  • Written and verbal communication
    In almost any field, communication is crucial, both oral and written. Being in an administrative role, you will need to have strong communication skills to improve the correspondence in the office. Verbal skills are needed as much for conversing with clients, participating in meetings, and many others.
  • Organization
    Particularly for administrative assistants, they manage many tasks and information, such as handling calendars, file management systems, and more. This goes as much for when you are a part of staffing and recruitment in your company.
  • Time management
    This refers to the ability to schedule your time and be punctual so that you can complete all your assigned tasks. Given their full to-do list, administrative assistants need to manage their time and finish duties on deadline effectively.
  • Attention to detail
    Being detailed will spare you from missing out on signatures, not completing assignments on time, spelling errors, and more.
  • Problem-solving
    Having the ability to solve problems when new challenges or obstacles arise is invaluable in the office. For this, one needs to be flexible, creative, and a quick thinker.

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