7 Recommended Seasonal Work for Students on Break


University students who are on break during the holiday season usually search for a seasonal job to earn extra cash. Working instead of being a couch potato is more profitable for them, especially since it is expensive to go to college. The cash they earn over the break can help them in the next semester. If you are a student on break, here are seasonal work recommended for you.

  • Temp Agency Work

    Temp agency work is highly recommended if you don’t want to commit to a permanent position. A temp agency can help you find short-term job placements. The job may pay at an hourly rate. Just be aware though that you may be handed odd jobs when you apply for work through staffing services in Texas.

  • Internships

    Although it may be a bit difficult to find, there are many companies that offer paid seasonal internships for college students nowadays. The healthcare industry is the best example of this. Healthcare companies rely on healthcare staffing to fill in vacancies during the holiday season.

  • Bookstores

    You can work within the campus during your break too. One of the options you have is the college bookstore. When students are on break, the college bookstore can take the time to order new books for the next semester. At this time, seasonal help is required for stocking the shelves.

  • Retail

    It is a good idea to apply for part-time work at a retail outlet. When the holiday season comes around, most department stores or retail shops will be in a hurry to hire part-timers to increase manpower. They need to increase their workforce during the holidays to keep up with the influx of customers shopping for gifts.

  • Waitress

    Waiting tables is probably one of the most popular part-time jobs college students opt for. You should know that waiting tables, especially at upscale restaurants, allows you to receive hefty tips from happy customers. Of course, you’ll have to face the downside of waiting tables too, which include rude and stingy people.

  • Non-Profit Organizations

    Many non-profit organizations look for part-time works who can help with a lot of things. They may need kitchen assistants for the local soup kitchen. Most of the time, these organizations will require part-timers to stock the shelves or simple paperwork.

  • Tutoring

    The holiday break is the perfect season for tutoring. Many parents rely on tutors to help their children develop good studying habits. It is also a way for parents to prevent their children from forgetting the things they’ve learned in school. Look for these parents who are in need of a tutor for their child.

Seasonal work via a staffing service firm is a good way to earn money while you are on break from school. HRT Staffing Services is looking for students on holiday break. Call 972-400-4400 so we can connect you with the best employer in your area.

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