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On That Second Factor of Production

As business owners or managers of a certain company or institution, we have been introduced to various marketing strategies, terms, etc. But let us go back to Economics 101. In our first meeting with our professors, we have been introduced … <...

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Job Interview: Tell Me About Yourself

Your clothes are perfect for the occasion. Good thing mom brought you that suave suit. You woke up early and prepared for everything. You made sure nothing could ever go wrong. This is your moment, do not mess this up! … Read More ›


Keeping Your Employees Happy: The Basics

As your business grows and grows, you are going to need to make sure you are hiring employees to keep up with your growth and meet your increasing demand. Success really rests on the shoulders of your employees! Thus, make … Read More ›


The Lifeblood of Your Business

The lifeblood of any company is your employees. They are the ones that make sure things are getting done! They help your business grow, they improve your profits, and they make the company succeed! Without top notch employees that care … Read More ›


Essential Qualities to Look for in an Employee

Running a company takes a lot of work. The process of hiring employees is arguably the hardest part in all of it. The success of the business is largely determined by how good the staff is at their jobs. The … Read More ›


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