4 Proven Ways to Retain Your Top Talents


It is a nightmare in any company to see the talented employee resign and leave the group. If you are a manager of a Staffing Service Firm, you will be faced with loads of problems relating to who will fill the vacancy and how long it will take you to find the apt person to assume the vacated position. Certainly, when the best talents leave, it has a repercussion to how the company is going to function from thereon. Remember what Wall Street Journal noted about employee turnover? That it is equivalent to “twice an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement.” It is in this regard that most managers should always develop and craft the best employee retention strategies. This can be done through:

  • Instill the Company Culture As a manager, you are duty-bound to create a positive experience and a wonderful culture in your company. By instilling a company culture to your employees, you can ensure that they will have a strong attachment to the company; this has been an effective practice of HRT Staffing Services. These employees will value what the company stands for and that they become more engaged every time they work. By instilling positive values and best business practices, you can therefore allow your employees to work in an environment where they are cared for and respected.
  • Set Opportunities For Professional Advancement They say that familiarity breeds contempt; when your employees feel that their job becomes too redundant, it paves a way for them to think about finding a greener pasture where their talents can best be practiced. It is necessary for any company to create programs that will allow professional advancement through different trainings and certifications so that the employees are encouraged to grow and climb the steps in the company ladder. On the other hand, it would be a good idea to allow each employee to avail of educational programs as part of their professional development.
  • Constructive Criticisms Matter If you want that motivation pervades in your company, then you must not hesitate to give praises and constructive criticisms to your employees. Proper way of communicating your feedbacks on certain projects, which are made by your employees, will allow them to be level-headed in their performance. Your constructive criticisms can be given through one-on-one meetings. Also, avoid making negative remarks on their performance as it will certainly kill their motivation to be productive.
  • Be Flexible When you have flexible work schedules, you will surely see a reduction in the number of unscheduled absences made by your employees. Flexible working arrangements are a perfect employee retention strategy. Through flexible working environment, you can allow them to work at home, or let them have their own start and stop times.

Your employees are important assets of your business. As such, you must never take them for granted. You need to invest in your employees so you can see positive results to come to your company. By offering a chance for professional growth, having a culture of fairness and equality in the workplace, and by giving constructive criticisms will then make your employees feel that their hard work are noticed and valued.

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