How to Make a Good Impression When Applying for a Job


It’s important to ensure that the first impression you make is a good one when going to an interview. Often, it can make or break how successful your interview is. You’ve got to carry yourself well with regards to your appearance and professionalism! Doing the best we can with the things we can control is important to make sure we have the greatest chances of succeeding. With this in mind, HRT Staffing Services, a staffing service firm in Texas, has gathered a few useful tips that might help you prepare for your upcoming interview!

  • Prepare well: preparing just means researching the company and doing a small background check on the work they do, the goals they have, and how you will fit in with them. It also includes rehearsing possible interview questions, such as “Tell me about yourself, why are you interested in joining our company?”
  • Exude confidence: always be sure to speak up, and sell yourself well to the interviewer. Give concrete examples of the effects of your efforts in past jobs, such as “my work resulted in a 2% reduction in expenses”, or “my work increased department efficiency by 3%”.
  • Be punctual: punctuality can often be the criteria on which most interviewers judge interviewees! Plan your route to the interview location the day before so you can ensure that you’ll arrive on time.
  • Remember the small details: details like clean nails, shined shoes, stains on your clothes, and messy hair can and will be noticed.
  • Respect everyone you meet: treat everyone you meet as if they are the staffing and recruitment personnel. Your potential employer might ask for their feedback!

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