Tips on How to Hire a Good Secretary


If you happen to be a boss then your secretary is a person you would never be able to live without. Who would bring you your morning coffee? Who would keep you in check? And more importantly, who would organize your schedule? Truth be told, those things don’t even begin to cover half of what your assistant does for you. This person is your savior and if you haven’t yet chosen or plan on replacing your current one, it would be best to keep in mind these tips when the time comes.

  • What do you expect from your assistant?Create a list of tasks you expect your secretary to accomplish for you on a regular basis. Whether it involves organizing your schedule, taking your calls, responding to emails, or getting your morning coffee, you have to make sure to place everything on the list. It’s always best when the candidates know what to expect from their job.
  • Personality is vitalYou and your secretary are going to be together a lot of the time. Choosing the wrong one would mean being in a perpetual state of anger or annoyance, which simply won’t do especially if you want to keep your job or stay sane. Do you want the serious, all-business types or the bubbly ones with a good sense of humor? Knowing the kind of personality you’d want in an assistant will help you through the screening process.
  • Problem solving skills are a mustThe reason why most CEO’s or managers hire secretaries is that they simply can’t take on too many problems on their own without it affecting the quality of the outcome. Having a dependable, competent assistant to delegate some of the more minor issues to helps these individuals better focus on their work and job performance. Being successful at the top means knowing when to ask for help and who to ask for help from.

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