Tips to Make Your Resume Attractive


Whenever you are applying for a job, your ticket to be considered by the hiring managers is a resume. It is essential to invest effort and time, and make sure that your resume is top of the line. Remember that the job posting may only hire one person for the vacated position and that there could be at least 50 others who are interested in the job that you are eyeing.

In order that you stand out, you need to craft a well written and attractive resume that is easy for the hiring authorities to read. These are the things suggested by HRT Staffing Services, a Staffing Service in Texas, which you have to keep in mind when writing a resume to ensure you of success in the job you are applying for:

  • Be Particular About The FormatIn reality, with all the resumes the hiring managers need to sift through, you are lucky if you get at least 30 seconds of their time. No matter what qualifications you place in your resume or how well written it may be, if your format is not pleasing to the eyes, you have poor chances of catching the attention of the managers. It is best to use a simple and clear heading which uses wide margins and logical formats. You need to highlight important info by using italic or bold typeface. Bullets make it easy for the Staffing Service Firm managers to check all you’ve accomplished in the past with just a glance.
  • Check For Correct Syntax And GrammarThe grammar of your resume should be perfect. There’s no excuse to this. The message you’d like to convey should be simple and understandable so that it’ll be easy for the hiring managers to make positive conclusions about you. Whenever grammatical errors are spotted, you’d most likely be deemed as someone who’s doing haphazard work or you simply don’t give attention to details. Grammatical flaws certainly affect your chances of getting the job.
  • Be Succinct As PossibleAvoid using too many jargons and also refrain from putting a very long list of “responsibilities” that you once held. Keep each section as succinct as possible to make everything look relevant. What you’d like your employer to see is an easily digestible resume that’s pleasant to their eyes so they’ll have no troubles getting a good picture of your capabilities and what you could offer to the company.
  • For Online SubmissionThere are companies that are asking job applicants to submit their resumes online. Most of these recruiting companies are using the software in order to easily scan desirable resume. This means that certain keywords or phrases are being used by the company to shortlist the applicants that are needed. That is why; include in your resume all important keywords that can be found in the job description, also on what the industry is about, and the role you’re applying for. Furthermore, avoid those fonts that are not recognizable in other screens. You’d be on the safe side when you use Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial.

As what the popular saying goes, the devil is in the detail. It is imperative to pay attention to minute details so you are guaranteed that your resume is considered for review. It helps you stand out from the rest so you can finally land the job you’ve wanted for so long.

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