Your Facial Expression May Just Land You Your Dream Job

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We all dream about landing a job that we are passionate about while being compensated justly. Once you get the interview schedule, it’s best to make sure that you are both mentally and physically prepared to ace that interview. Based on research, your facial expressions have equal weight to what you say during a job interview. It is important to stay aware of how you present yourself physically and verbally to your interviewer. Eye movements, lip motions, and overall facial expressions may be observed by your interviewer so it is vital that you will be conscious about these subtle movements.

Without uttering a word, your face can already convey a lot. Your face can communicate and relay plenty of things to the person you’re conversing with – interest, anxiousness, boredom, happiness, pride, nervousness, or confidence. It is important to be able to control these expressions, especially during your job interviews. It is true that your face can make or break the interview.

To help you out, we’ve listed a few things that might help you control your facial expressions during important events such as a job interview.

  • Be sure to keep your hair neatly away from your face. Hiding your face behind your hair may express apprehension. It is better that the interviewer get a full view of your facial profile.
  • Try not to blink too much as it may convey nervousness and anxiety which can be misinterpreted as disinterest or dishonesty.
  • Licking your lips or tightening your jaw may express hesitation and misgiving. The interviewer might interpret this as not being honest.
  • Unconsciously rolling your eyeballs may show disinterest so if you have this habit, try to keep it locked down. It is important that you will be genuine and shows interest during your interview.
  • As much as possible and whenever appropriate, flash a genuine smile. A smile brightens up your face and can show confidence and positivity.
  • Maintain eye contact. Having eye contact with your interviewer shows that you are receptive and engrossed. This makes way for a free and easy communication between you and the interviewer. Eye contact also conveys respect and interest.

Bottom line, when you are sincere, honest, and genuine during the interview your facial expressions will follow through. However, it is also important to avoid habits that may be distracting or unpleasant during the interview. Responding naturally and thoroughly to interview questions while keeping a straight and pleasant face will convey credibility, honesty, and attraction.

Once you’ve got the interview preparation down pat, it is time to go and land that dream job. HRT Staffing Services, Staffing Services in Texas has a wide range of appealing and lucrative work options for you. You will easily find the best job suited to your needs and interest with us. We will also help you find the perfect match to ensure a successful career path and future. For more information about our Healthcare Staffing, you can visit our website at

Remember, have a ready smile, maintain eye contact, and avoid unnecessary movements and gestures. That’s all there is to appear calm, confident, and credible during a job interview. So just go for it and good luck!

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