Skills Necessary To Land A Clerical Job


HRT Staffing Services understands that many companies are in need of clerks who can perform administrative jobs. We at HRT Staffing Servicess in Decker Dr. Irving Texas aim to provide these companies with the best clerks as much as possible. For that matter, we look for job seekers who have the following skills which are necessary to land a clerical job:

Good Typing Speed
Most companies usually look for clerks who have good typing speeds. A good typing speed is actually at least 60 words per minute and above. However, you also need to be accurate with your typing and only allow a few errors. HRT Staffing Services suggests improving your typing speed by learning how to type using all of your fingers, play typing games, or even constantly chatting or emailing your friends. This way, your hands will eventually adapt and type faster.

Data Entry Skills
Accuracy is essential in data entry. Data entry is the same with typing but you also have to use the numeric keypad. We at HRT Staffing Services in Decker Dr. Irving Texas suggests that you take up data entry tutorials to improve such skills. There are lots of free tutorials online.

Computer Skills
With the kind of technology we have today, it is important that you know how to use a computer. You should be familiar about several software programs that you will need for the job, such as Word and Excel. You have to know how to create, save, and update files as well as retrieve data through these software programs.

Organizational Skills
A clerk needs to file certain documents, maintain calendars, and the like. For this, it is important that you have good organizational skills.

Phone and Communication Skills
Clerks often make and receive calls from their desks. As a clerk, you should follow the proper phone etiquette when making and receiving calls. You also have to be familiar on how to put calls on hold properly as well as transfer calls to the appropriate recipients. You should also be clear and polite when talking on the phone. Aside from that, you also need to be a good listener so that you can understand the instructions that you will receive from your employer. HRT Staffing Services can help you evaluate your communication skills to determine whether you are right for the job.

Professionalism and Personality
Your professionalism and personality are important for this job. We at HRT Staffing Services in Decker Dr. Irving Texas make sure that professionals like you can get the job that is appropriate for you. Let us help you out!

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