3 Things Job Hunters Look For

3 Things Job Hunters Look For

It goes without saying that attracting the right employees begins with knowing what they look for. Survey after survey show that it is not all about the paycheck. Below are some of the priorities of a job seeker. Staffing service professionals like HRT Staffing Services in Decker Dr. Irving Texas know these and more very well.

Work-Life Balance

Psychologists agree that having good work-life balance is closely tied to being happy. This is because spending too much time at work means spending too little time with friends and family. Therefore, relationship strains become likely. Strained relationships become source of discontent and in serious cases, even depression.

Furthermore, devoting all time to work means having no time for personal hobbies and exercise. It then becomes physically difficult to maintain healthy levels of happy hormones, which in turn will directly affect motivation for and performance at work.

Type of Job

It is not surprising that surveys reveal that the type of job is a big factor job hunters consider. Some people like jobs that require mastery of skills for tasks that repeat, such as those jobs requiring following a strict order of tasks. These jobs require concentration and muscle memory. When deadlines are set, it can often be predicted whether or not they are achievable because time required for each task is known.

Others find attractive those jobs involving finding solutions to problems. Manuals for these jobs often do not exist, of if they do, are incomplete. Creativity is essential to these jobs. It is often difficult to estimate the amount of time required to find a solution, and sometimes a solution may not even exist.

Job Security and Career Opportunities

No one likes to go to work busy thinking whether or not he is going to find his next job soon. Indeed, job security is important any employee. When asked to choose between a secure but boring job or an unstable but interesting job, not just few respondents chose the former. Many are willing to stay and work for a secure job even if they the job boring. We know these kinds of situations all too well at HRT Staffing Services in Decker Dr. Irving Texas.

Furthermore, job hunters look for a position where one has opportunities for promotion and self-development. Doing the same job for ten years is more like having one-year experience repeated ten times rather than having a ten-year experience, and many employees may not be happy with that.

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