To the Graduates, Welcome to The Real World!

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Well, it is only good while it lasted. But when the real world indeed sinks in, it can be pretty scary as well. Having to fend for ourselves without the support of mommy and daddy, having to prove our worth, and fulfilling our dream are but a few challenges to take on in our so called real world. Here are a few more things that we can expect after graduation.

Life is difficult and expensive.
Without parental, government or university support, life outside is pretty tough and expensive. We must welcome monthly expenses for rent, commuting or gas, and even food. Bills, bills, endless bills will come knocking on our doors. Of course, we can’t forever live like children, once we reach legal age or when we graduate, we must own it up to ourselves to make a living and survive in the urban jungle.

Our dreams may need to take a backseat first.
We go to school to someday live our dream life or land our dream job or travel around the world. But when we are young and penniless, that just isn’t possible. So before we can have our dreams materialized, we must first get a job and make a decent living, then work on our dreams as we go along. That is the real world. Nothing comes as quickly as fast-food chains or as immediately as instant noodles. Yes, it may sound funny but it’s real.

Getting a job is priority number one.
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The real world can really be scary. We say goodbye to university halls and say hello to the rough road of earning a living. We leave the four walls of our classrooms and walk into the reality of the corporate world. The real world can be tough and scary but we need not worry. Nobody really gets out of it alive. So lighten up!

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