Fresh Graduates, be Job-ready

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Imagine yourself being inside a long tunnel while seeing a tiny glimpse of light at the end of it. You walked for hours, days, months and even years to reach the light. You never took detours and as you travel through the dark hole, the light slowly becomes bigger. Upon reaching the end of it, you were faced with roads leading to a hundred different destinations. Which road will you take?

We usually experience this after graduating from college. We have studied years to graduate, but what for? Although most of us already have pictures painted on our minds on where we would want to be five or ten years after graduation, it would still be hard to decipher which path would take us there.

After graduating from college, we would often be stuck in a situation where we are pressured to make a good decision. When we readily jump to a job offered to us or in a company which replied to us first, we might end up regretting it after just a few months. If we fail to recognize good opportunities, they might never come back again and it would be impossible to go back from the start.

So we should always create good decisions after graduating and before landing to a job.

What would employers look for?

Being new to the job-hunting dilemma, you should be equipped of the skills which every employer would be looking for in every applicant. As HRT Staffing Services observe from companies who seek the HRT Staffing Services in Decker Dr. Irving Texas, employers require these skills:

  1. Teamwork skills
  2. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  3. Exemplary Interpersonal skills
  4. Computer proficiency
  5. Problem-solving skills
  6. Good working ethics
  7. Time management skills

How will you be prepared?

After all the years you spent to learn and acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills in your chosen field or industry, do you think you have already become job-ready? Are you prepared to face quotas, deadlines or finish tasks at a workplace?

Economy is dynamic, and so is every industry. Being job-ready is the line which differentiates an applicant who will not pass the recruiter’s standards and an applicant who will. Each human resource manager will know who among the applicants is already prepared to take on the tasks of the position they are looking for.

To achieve job readiness, you should be:

  1. Able to understand the position. Truthfully, this one’s necessary, but it could be surprising to discover that there are employees who fail to meet this requirement and get hired in a position they feel alien with. How will one be able to accomplish his/her daily tasks if he/she does not even know what the tasks are for?
  2. Capable of understanding basic economic factors. Are you in demand or not? Is there a number of companies who will be willing to take you in as their employee? What is your role in the specific industry you are in? These are just a few questions you should answer affirmatively before you could gauge whether you are already prepared to take a job or not.
  3. With communication skills. In every interview you get into, you should show your interviewer your capabilities through words. For just a few minutes, you should convince the interviewer that you are job-ready. But how could you do this if in the first instance, you could not speak straightly in front of other people?

Indeed, a number of opportunities will be looking for you; but these opportunities need to be weighed. Once you think the opportunity is worth it and that you are prepared for it, you should grab it.

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