Indicators that You’re not Ready to be a Leader

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Surviving in this world means you have to know how to earn money. All commodities are for sale- food, clothes, house and even leisure activities are not for free anymore. Consequently, when you earn, your choice is either to be an employee who works to be paid or be an employer who supervises and earns through the service of others.

Throughout the world, the working class is dominating over the number of employers. Generally, the employers administer and oversee the job done by its employers. However, there are certain circumstances when doing so would already be too burdensome as when the company is too big to handle. This scenario prompts employers to delegate their authorities to a group of people whom they can trust, to do the supervision and administration for them.

These people whom the employers delegate their authority to take control in their stead are what we usually call managers, supervisors or leaders. Providers of HRT Staffing Services in Decker Dr. Irving Texas have observed that being a manager is not an easy task because you need to balance your allegiance to both your employer and to the employees under you.

Not everyone is honed to become a manager, supervisor or a leader. If you feel one of the indicators below, HRT Staffing Services recommends that you should gain more experience and train harder to be ready for the position.

  1. You lack empathy. A good leader could readily sense if there is something wrong going on in the workplace and has the heart to understand the varied situations of every member of the team. But, if you could not put yourself into another person’s shoe, you could not become a good leader. If you are too narrow-minded to not be capable of seeing things in different perspectives, you might not be ready to be a manager yet.
  2. You are too bossy. One good trait of a Boss is not being bossy. Would anybody want to continue working for someone who just orders you around like you are his/her slave? Would you be willing to obey a person who does not give you the respect you deserve? A true leader would be someone whom employees follow and are loyal to – not because he/she orders them to but because they would want to.
  3. You compromise fast. If you are a leader, you know how to achieve a good bargain for two conflicting sides. Through your knowledge, you could weigh your options well and would not be easily swayed with seemingly ‘big deals’ laid to you. However, if you do not know how to balance situations yet, immediately give in to and cannot stand on your principle, you should not get into a leadership employment yet.
  4. You are too full of yourself. Whoever you are, you should always remember to be humble and never step on others; and this is especially true for people who manage a business or a company. A person who thinks he/she is the only person capable of doing something or one who thinks he/she can do everything, is a person not carved to be a leader.
  5. You lack social skills. Once you aim to become a leader, supervisor or manager, you should be prepared to handle various types of personalities. Every employee you would have under your management is unique and each has his/her own work/personal dilemmas. As their leader, you should know how to handle them – to make them more productive, efficient and loyal to the company.

As one delegated with the employer’s authority, you should always take into consideration the end-goal of the person whom you got your authorities from. Meanwhile, as a leader of certain number of employees in the company, you should also take into account the rights of your employees and the work environment to improve productivity.

Now that you already have a glimpse of becoming a leader, do you think you are ready to become one?

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