Looking for a Job? You’ve Come to the Right Place

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Jobseekers these days have become a pampered lot compared to the ones a few years back.

Thanks to the services of human resource providers such as our HRT Staffing Services in Decker Dr. Irving Texas, looking for a job now has never been easier.

Gone are the days when job hunters — armed with their curriculum vitae, transcript of records, certificate of good moral character, police clearance, FBI clearance, college diploma, course certificates and what have you — would hop from one office to the other or queue up in job fairs just to be able to apply in some vacancies and hope against hope that they would get accepted.

Nowadays, looking for a coveted job is now at the tip of our fingers – and we mean it literally, not idiomatically.

In fact, the task becomes so easy that all a job applicant needs is just the ubiquitous smart phone. Others who can afford it can use a smart tablet or a personal computer.

The process is similarly easy. A job applicant can just access the website of a hiring company or a third-party headhunter and, voila, he/she can already place his/her job application.

If you don’t find the task and the process easy, we don’t know what is.

HRT: The Right Place for Job Seekers

If you are actively looking for work right now, then you’ve just come to the right place. HRT Staffing Services provides an opportunity for you to showcase your talent to a prospective employer, to impress them and hopefully make a difference.

What’s good about our organization is that we offer many choices.

For instance, we can offer you temporary employment if you are looking for such type of job. We also have what we call temp-to-hire set-up, which means you will work on a temporary basis and transition to a permanent position after an established period of time. It functions like a tryout. Or you can be hired for full-time and long-term staffing requirement through direct hire.

Not only that, we also maintain a long list of professional disciplines to choose from depending on the expertise that you have. We have job openings in the following fields:

  • Clerical / Administrative
  • Accounting / Professional & Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Light Industrial
  • Bilingual Placement
  • Healthcare

Or we can help you find the job you’re looking for.

Just visit our website hrtechs.com and you’re on your way to finding your dream job. We also maintain a phone line for your queries at 972-400-4400 as well as an email address at info@hrtechs.com.

If you prefer to communicate with us via social media, please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

Our office is conveniently located in 320 Decker Dr., Irving, Texas 75062-3937.

By all means, please use the comments section below for your comments, suggestions and reactions about this blog and about our company in general.

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